What To Do After You Submit Your College Application

Emma Quinn
Published on
May 27, 2021

So...the application process is over. They should all be submitted, and it seems like all us seniors can really do is wait, right? Well, not necessarily. With many college decision days being pushed back (Ivy Day is now in April, for example) and commitment day still being in early May, there are a few things you can currently do to prepare for the huge month coming soon:

For starters, if you’re already committed to a college, congrats! The worst part is over. Your main focus will probably consist of preparing for college; meeting people, officially sending in your mid-year report and test scores (if you submitted them), filling out housing applications, and sending in your deposits. Take the time to relax and enjoy your senior year as well, but try your best to prepare for your move in half a year.

What should I do if I've been accepted?

If you’ve been accepted to some schools early action but are still waiting on some schools, again, congrats! Getting accepted to any school is a huge accomplishment. While you’re waiting on other decisions, I’d recommend learning more about the schools you’ve been accepted into. Take some virtual tours, talk to some current students, watch YouTube videos, join some information sessions, maybe visit the campus if it is safe!

If you were accepted into multiple schools EA, then you can also make a pro/con list to narrow down your options. You might end up loving the school, and may even go, so instead of freaking over your regular decision results I recommend getting yourself excited for going to colleges you know could be a possibility.

What if I haven't been accepted yet?

If you haven’t been accepted to a college yet, don’t worry! A lot of people are in the same boat as you, and you’ll end up at a place you’ll be happy with, nonetheless. If you were deferred from somewhere, make sure to have a letter of continued interest submitted if your school allows it.

If you have free time, I’d recommend doing a bit of research on the schools you applied to. This could possibly include having a pecking order in your head so you’re not overwhelmed with all of the decisions you will be receiving at once.

Check your email.

Remember, the upcoming regular decision means that you only have approximately one month to decide where you will spend the next four years of your life. Getting started early will help you not feel as stressed and overwhelmed, and if you have any free time I’d definitely recommend doing so.

This is also around the time where colleges send out their financial aid packages, so be sure to check your email frequently for any new updates. Colleges have also still been conducting interviews, so check your email for those as well.

Don't stress.

But above all, just try to relax! It’s your senior year, and although it wasn’t what we hoped, try and make the most of it. I know that this application season was crazy and something we’ve never seen before, so take time for yourself! You got through this application process, and you’ll definitely have some great options. Good luck!

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