Frank Advice

Fast and affordable essay editing, essay brainstorming sessions, and Q&A calls.


– Everything costs between $10 and $20.
– I only accept Venmo (@sarah-324) and Zelle ( and payment must be up front.
– I will reach out once I have received both your form response and your payment (in any order).
– There will not be any refunds so please keep that in mind.
– If you do not pay within a week of signing up, your sign-up will automatically be cancelled but you are able to re-sign-up.

– You must fill out the form one time for each service you are requesting.
– Essay brainstorming will end with a document I send to you including my questions, your answers, notes, tips, and/or other links/resources.
– All zoom-based sessions are 30 minutes or less but you could purchase two if you’d like an hour (etc).
– Please keep in mind that while I will definitely deliver the service you paid for, additional information (such as special requests, deadlines, or points to consider) are requests.

Cancellations & Rescheduling:

– If we schedule a zoom at a certain time, you can cancel the call via the emailed invite anywhere up to 24 hours before and just reschedule for another time. Otherwise, there will be no rescheduling or refunds.
– I will wait 10 minutes in case you are running late before cancelling the zoom.
– If you do not sign up for a time, change to a rush order, or reach out via email within a month of signing up, your order is automatically cancelled.
– If you cannot make the time you scheduled but there are no times available on calendly, you still need to cancel that call via declining the calendly invitation. Just wait for a new time to be available on calendly.

Rush Orders:
– If rush orders are available, it will be listed on the form. If there is no option to request one, I am not currently accepting them.
– For $5 more, you can schedule with me personally for a time within a guaranteed 3 business days of when your order is confirmed (usually day of or next day).
– The money will only be refunded if you are able to provide 3+ times for each of the 3 days between 10 am and 5 pm eastern and I cannot make any of them.
– Money will NOT be refunded if you pay for a rush order when rush orders are not an option.

Frank Advice Rates

Essay editing:
<500 words: $10
500-1000 words: $20

Essay brainstorming:
$30 for 30 min, $50 for an hour

Zoom Q&A:

$30 for 30 min, $50 for an hour


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