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Simple Studies FAQ

What is the relationship between Simple Studies and Frank Advice?
Frank Advice and Simple Studies are two peas in a pod. Simple Studies has hundreds of free resources available for anyone to use; Frank Advice includes 1-1 services such as essay editing, which are paid.

What was the deal with Studyist?
Simple Studies started as Simple Studies but then became Studyist for approximately a year in a partnership with Hidaku. The leadership at the time then pulled out of that deal at which point Sarah came back and reclaimed the organization, reverting it to its original title.
How do I navigate the site?
The easiest way to navigate the site is with the links page (on top navigation bar).
What happened to the Instagram?
Our instagram was built up to 28,000 but last year's leadership somehow got the account banned before leaving the team. Our new one is @simplestudiesinc.
What happened to the discord?
We deleted our discord in May 2021 after it was constantly raided and filled with mean comments. It simply wasn't productive anymore. Last year's leadership decided to bring it back but then left so for sustainability purposes, that version was deleted too.
Can I still volunteer with Simple Studies?
If you are interested in donating resources or helping out, sign up here.
Who helped create this?
Over 600 teens worked on this project. Check out the team page here✨

Frank Advice FAQ

How much does essay editing cost?
The cost of essay editing varies by word count. On the sign-up form, you will have to select the word count and corresponding price.

<500 words: $10
500-1000 words: $20
How much do zoom calls cost?
For 30 minutes, the cost is $30, and for an hour, it costs $50.
What if I don’t have venmo or zelle?
- Consider downloading venmo and/or check to see if your bank partners with Zelle
-Contact me i neither option is available in your country

What happens after I fill out the google form and pay?
Within two business days of signing up and paying, you will be sent a confirmation email.

If you purchased a zoom call, the confirmation email will include a calendly link. If you purchased editing, the confirmation email will just let you know that I will soon start working on it.

The calendly link will show all open times for sign ups. If there are no times, it means they have all been taken for the week but I add them frequently. Please view other FAQs for more information on the calendly link.
What if my answer isn't on here?
Email sarah@frankadvicellc.com or team@simplestudies.org.