Staying Healthy at School

Amanda Schilling
Edited by Aanya Choudhary
Published on
February 21, 2024

How to stay healthy during flu season

As the world enters the winter months, the weather outside is not the only cold that occurs. Flu season happens predominantly during these frigid months, which can be difficult for students who need to attend school. Because academic success is heavily dependent on being present in school, this article will provide you with tips on staying as healthy as possible during the winter, when sicknesses run rampant. 

  • To begin with, prevention is the best place to begin avoiding illnesses, and one of the best practices is to be vaccinated. Staying up to date on your flu shots will help decrease the probability of you getting sick. For college students, most campus health centers have low cost options if you do not have health insurance. 

  • Another aspect of preventing sickness is boosting your immune system. Having regular intake of crucial vitamins like vitamin C through fruits will help support your immune system. This way, if you do come into contact with germs, your body will already be working on fighting the infection. 

  • Sleeping also helps support your immune system! It is difficult to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule while stressed about your studies. However, trying your best to even take naps and finish work quickly to sleep will help you in achieving a good enough amount of sleep.  

  • Additionally, staying hydrated prevents illnesses and will also help in fighting sickness. It helps in getting rid of toxins and supporting your immune system and overall well being.

  •  It is also important to manage your stress as best as you can. Though school is very stressful sometimes, it is vital that you utilize stress relieving techniques as stress damages your body's ability to fight infections. Some ideas of these techniques are exercising, deep breathing, and taking breaks from school. 

  • Also, even though Covid-19 has decreased in cases, practicing social distancing helps people stay healthy. It reduces the probability of germs spreading between you and other students. If you see that someone seems sick, attempt to move away from them and keep a reasonable distance. 

As school is very demanding, students need to take care of themselves; especially during cold and flu season. By following these tips, you reduce the chances of becoming ill. Always remember to put yourself first, and if you are feeling sick, do not hesitate to take the day off. You can always make up for work! Stay safe! :)

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