What College Students Say to Do Before You Get There

Sarah Frank
Published on
April 20, 2023

Luannee Hernandez: take AP/dual credit classes! The more credits you’re able to obtain prior to college will let you be able to graduate early, add a major/minor, have priority registration for housing and classes, etc. (that at least applies to Ramapo)

Briana Sparacino: reach out to people before coming to campus and make friends. learning about campus restricted and communities prior to coming is very helpful!

elle sizemore: join a club or organization!! such a quick way to make friends and I regret not joining anything sooner

Owen Zhong: During the campus tours go to yikyak for the honest opinion from students haha

Anna Noga: Make sure that the program they want to pursue at the college of their interest is doing well and won't go away while you are there. Also give the biliteracy exam a shot. Even if you think you may not pass it because you could end up getting credit to not take any language courses at college.

Mackenzie Becker: don’t feel pressured to meet a big group of best friends the first week, these groups normally don’t last, and good friends come with time!!

Indira Escobar: Grades are not everything!!! Aim for strong internships, networking & experience. If you have above a 3.0 you should be perfectly fine when finding a career aside from pre-professional tracks.

Aveona Simpson: CHOOSE YOUR ROOMMATE. Many people I know who have random roommates do not like being in their dorm and that’s supposed to be your safe space. Go on Instagram and look up your school freshman Instagram pages and meet someone who have the same interests as you so you actually like your roommate.

Julia Jennings: Build professional relationships with professors and attend as many events as you can. Networking is so important— you can get names, numbers, and opportunities this way. Be bold and introduce yourself. Update your resume as you go along your college journey.

Nneoma Ngene: Get to know your professors, and don’t be afraid to participate in class! You’re ultimately paying to be there so you should make sure to be getting the most out of your classes! Your professors are there to help you at the end of the day, so definitely take advantage of that instead of suffering in silence !

Havana Santacruz: Understand that keeping on top of your grades is important and the moment you start slacking off in classes it causes a downward spiral. You don’t need a 4.0 but maintain discipline and put in consistent effort into your classes to succeed! Also advisors and professors may try to discourage you to change your major because of one bad grade or failing a class but keep going it’s a bump in the road. No one in college is perfect and this is YOUR journey no one else’s, if you want something bad enough keep working towards your goal!

Jocelynn Landon: Take advantage of all the resources your school has to offer and don't be afraid to get involved and have fun. College is more than just classes and grades.

Saachi Baldwa: You might not find your best friends for the next few years in your first month! It takes time. Make sure to surround yourself with people who motivate you to be better!

Gabriela Toledo: Show up! Show up to class, show up to school events, hang outs, etc. even if you don’t know anyone at first. The memories you make will be the only thing you’ll have after college. So don’t be afraid to have fun and put yourself out there!

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