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Jhon Bell
Published on
May 3, 2023

Writing a comprehensive, unique, and meaningful essay is challenging. You must stay vigilant about various aspects to ensure a great essay capable of earning you good grades. 

Multiple types of assessments are given to students during their academic careers to monitor their learning progress. Assignments, especially essays, are also one of them, with the main objective of checking the ability of students to perform research on a particular subject.  

The problem with many students is their failure to articulate great essays. The reason behind this inability is their failure to pay attention to various aspects essential to improve the quality of essays and making them worth reading. An essay should be comprehensive and meaningful enough to keep the readers engaged from the beginning until the end. It is worth understanding that multiple factors gather to make a quality essay capable of earning students good grades. 

Unfortunately, many students lack awareness about these factors and consequently fail to articulate meaningful essays. If you are one of those students looking for tips and tricks to improve your essays, you have landed at the right place. 

This article will help you greatly in understanding what is necessary for a comprehensive and meaningful essay. Further details about the useful tips that can help you improve your essays are given below:

Proper Research is a Must

Essays are meant to assess students' ability to research a particular topic. Hence, students must research a subject thoroughly and obtain necessary information like facts, figures, and quotations from multiple accurate and relevant sources. Therefore, make sure you have substantial time in hand to perform research and understand the topic to write a meaningful essay. 

The problem often occurs when students need to pay more attention to the research activity and write essays on their own. The lack of research not only compromises the meaningfulness of their essays but also leads to the inclusion of inaccurate facts and figures, uncited quotations, and plagiarized patches. Moreover, proper research is important for including a meaningful thesis statement.

Try to Take Notes While Doing Research

Some students give their 100% to the research phase before writing an essay but still need to write one that can earn them good grades. This problem is generally because of their inability to cite sources properly. Educators who are trying to assess the ability to research a particular subject and communicate the personal opinion of students take serious note of such mistakes.

Resultantly, such essays get fewer grades, and students need more support even after giving their 100% to the task. Therefore, the best way to avoid such a scenario is to ensure that you take notes featuring facts, figures, quotations, and their corresponding sources immediately. The availability of these notes will help you a lot while writing an essay. 

Paraphrase Your Writing Where Needed

No matter how much time you give to the research phase, there are always chances of duplication. These duplication instances generally occur because of a similar writing style, inability to write a particular sentence in your style, and uncited quotations. Once you find duplication in your essay, it is time to paraphrase your writing to eradicate plagiarized patches. 

The best way to make it possible is by paraphrasing the content. However, doing it manually takes a lot of time and effort. Additionally, there are chances of vague sentences, grammar mistakes, and punctuation errors. Therefore, you should take the help of an advanced AI-based paraphrasing tool. You can take the help of an essay rewriter like the one you will find here: https://rewriteguru.com/paraphrasing-tool/ for this purpose. 

Make a Rough Draft First

Now that you have all the necessary information about the particular topic of the essay. It is time to write a rough draft. During this phase, you will write all the information and your opinion worth including in the essay. Also, include the thesis statement in the rough draft of your essay. Make sure to write the rough draft in the structure of an essay. Doing so will help create a basic outline of your essay.

After making the rough draft, leave it for some time. Now it is time to review the entire rough draft and find shortcomings. You can find sentences and quotations that are no longer necessary in your essay. Remove these phrases and quotations to eradicate distractions and stick to the primary topic. After doing it, write the final draft of your essay.


Writing a quality essay that is worth reading and capable of earning good grades is a challenging task. It takes effort, time, and attention. Unfortunately, many students don't take the task of writing an essay seriously and eventually fail to submit a meaningful one. On the other hand, some students try to write a good one but fail miserably because they need more awareness about the tips that can help them in this regard. 

We discussed useful tips in this article to help students improve their essays and earn good grades! Hopefully, students will follow these tips. We wish them luck with upcoming tasks of writing essays. 

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