Ways to Effectively Study Anatomy

Shiona Fernandes
Published on
April 4, 2022

Anatomy is like the dalgona candy game from the Netflix Original Squid Game. It requires a lot of time, hard work, and patience from anyone who wishes to dig deeper into this field. To make the process of learning anatomy fun and less tedious, there are a few ways you can follow:  

  1. Find the right resource

Be sure which book/s will be best for you and to check if what you're planning to purchase covers a hundred percent of your syllabus. The most recommended books according to Kenhub are Moore's Clinically Oriented Anatomy and Gray's Anatomy for Students.  

  1. Use coloring books

Coloring books help your brain grasp information quickly. Books like Netter's Anatomy Colouring Book and Kaplan Coloring Book are two of the most highly recommended.

  1. Watching online videos

Reading textbooks can be monotonous sometimes. Hence, the best way to make anatomy interesting and more simplified is by watching YouTube videos about that particular topic. For example, Ninja Nerd, Dr. Najeeb and CrashCourses videos on anatomy are free to watch on YouTube. Various learning platforms like Osmosis, Lecturio, and Kenhub have amazing videos as well.

  1. Use flashcards

Flashcards help you to actively recall key concepts and details and you can strengthen your memory; it is certainly a powerful tool to use during your revision. Two of the most recommended flashcards are Anki and Netters Anatomy Flash Cards. You can also make them yourself by writing any muscle's name on one side of the paper or card and its innervation or function on the other side.  

  1. Create flow charts or mind maps

Once you are done understanding the concept of anatomy, you can create a flowchart or mind map. This will help you to easily recall facts and details during your revision time and will also save you a lot of time when your exams are approaching. Sites like TeachMeAnatomy - Making Anatomy Simple and My Kenhub | Kenhub has amazing notes which saves a lot of time compared to reading textbooks. If you have less amount of time to study, I highly recommend the websites mentioned above.

  1. Do a lot of quizzes or solve past paper questions

Practice makes a man perfect! Doing a lot of MCQs can enhance your learning process as well as help you see your weak and strong areas. Also, you will learn how to manage your time wisely for the actual test. Sites like Uworld or Lecturio offer a great variety of anatomy questions.  

  1. Study in groups

Studying in groups can be a more effective way to learn anatomy. You can discuss your doubts about concepts that you find difficult with your friends. However, it's important to make sure that studying in a group must help you to progress. If it doesn’t, then don’t force it. You could also use the Feynman technique in which you learn through teaching your fellow classmate about a particular topic; it is one the best methods of learning according to Goodwall.

  1. Ask for help from your seniors

Don’t hesitate to ask your seniors about how they tackle their problems while learning anatomy. Their experience and mistakes in the past can help you save a lot of time and energy.

Finals words:

My only advice to my friends reading this article is to not get discouraged by the score you will get in your anatomy test. Anatomy is vast and detailed; it takes a lot of time and patience to get with the flow of it.


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