Using ChatGPT to Improve Your SAT/ACT

Grace Kim
Edited by Alexandra Ichim
Published on
August 20, 2023

The new AI model, ChatGPT, has been introduced this year. Although there are consequences to the use of this software, ChatGPT can be beneficial for students in many ways. Specifically, students are able to receive additional guidance and assistance on their SAT/ACT studies. Through this article, I will run down the different methods on how to properly utilize ChatGPT to help you with the upcoming SAT/ACT.

  • Information on SAT/ACT

ChatGPT can be utilized to understand the basic outline and rules of the tests. You can ask questions from, “What is the SAT?” to “What are the different sections of the ACT?” I would say if you are just hearing about SAT/ACT you should utilize ChatGPT to get a better understanding of the test by asking questions.

  • Concept Clarification

The best way to improve on your SAT/ACT is to stop making the same mistakes. When you practice SAT questions, you can utilize ChatGPT and get thought-out explanations to get a better idea of the concept. Even if it’s for vocabulary, ChatGPT can help strengthen your weaknesses. 

  • Practice Questions Similar to the Test 

Something I find most beneficial is the fact that you can ask practice questions. Obviously, they are not past questions from the SAT or College Board certified, but they provide you with very similar questions that will help you to get better at your weaknesses on the test. Simply ask questions based on what you want to practice. For instance, you can ask, “Can I get 5 SAT writing questions?” The great part about this is that you can also get the answers, and if you got something incorrect, you can ask again for an explanation. 

  • Study Planning

If you don’t know how to manage your time to study for your upcoming SAT or ACT, ChatGPT can also make a schedule or study plan for you. It will direct you with tasks for each time interval. I would definitely share if you have any interference with certain times just so you get a suitable schedule. If you need help finding study methods, you can also ask for different options, such as Pomodoro or active recall. 

However, ChatGPT is not 100% credible as it’s an AI model so be sure to review everything when receiving the answers. Despite this flaw, I recommend utilizing ChatGPT as it’s an amazing resource that can lead you to success. With a resource like ChatGPT, you can efficiently self-study instead of paying for those expensive cram courses. 

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