These Are the Easiest and Hardest AP Classes for You

Ashley Yakish
Published on
May 21, 2021

AP classes are a good way to boost your GPA, college application, and get college credits, but you must be strategic when planning which classes to take. Taking the 5 hardest AP classes isn't a good idea because you need time and dedication to get a good score on the exam in order to receive credit.

Here is a list of the hardest and easiest AP classes that will be helpful when choosing which class to take.

Hardest AP Classes

1. AP Physics 1

This class had the lowest pass rate among all of the AP classes with only 45.4% and only 6.7% of test takers earned a 5. This means that more than half of students who took this class got a score of 1 or 2. Physics 1 and 2 are algebra-based rather than calculus.

Although it is among the hardest AP classes, if you excel in algebra, this might be a good pick for you. We have an AP Physics 1 guide, free to use, if you ever decide to take this rigorous class.

2. AP Chemistry

This is a hard class because it requires both memorization and application, such as mathematics. It has a passing rate of 55.6% and only 11.5% of test takers got a 5. This class will be especially hard if you have not taken higher level chemistry or any chemistry class. We have an AP Chemistry study guide to help struggling people pass this class.

3. AP English

Both the AP Lang and AP Lit have low pass rate, 54.3% and 49.7% respectively. With that being said, neither AP Lang or AP Lit is necessarily easier. It depends on your strength that will determine which one is better for you. For more information about which class to choose, check this website. If you're decide to take AP Lang or AP Lit, check out AP Language and AP Literature free study guides.

Easiest AP Classes

1. AP Psychology

The rate of students who got a 5 on this exam is 20.5%, which is in the higher end of the spectrum. This means that ⅕ of students got a perfect score on the exam. Although it is not the highest rate, considering that this class is extremely popular, this rate is good. Additionally, it only has 2 free-response questions! If you are good at memorization, this class is a great pick for you. If you use our AP Psychology study guide, you're bound to get an A!

2. AP Environmental Science

Both the AP Psych and Environmental Science are rated as relatively easy and require the least time-commitment. This will be a good AP class to take if you are already taking rigorous classes. Unlike what some people think, it involves little to no chemistry, so even if that is not your strongest subject, this will be a good one.

Even if this class is relatively easy, it doesn't hurt to have some extra material on hand. Feel free to use our APES guide when you study.

3. AP Computer Science Principles

With a pass rate of 71.9%, this class is considered easy. The college board claims that the recommended prerequisites are “high school courses in English and algebra, and familiarity with functions and the concepts found in the uses of function notation.”

Since it is an introductory college level class it is relatively easy. Based on user ratings, it was rated as the #1 easiest AP class. To easily learn the concepts in this class, we offer a free AP Comp Sci Principles guide to help you study and ace that exam.

It is important to mention that these classes are not “easy.” They are just easier when compared with other AP exams.

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