The Ivy League Simplified

Sarah Frank
Published on
April 18, 2023

1) Brown University

Located in: Providence, Rhode Island

Number of undergrads: 7,000

US News Ranking: 13

Known for: Open curriculum, being the "chill" ivy, collaborating with RISD, liberal arts, computer science + English

2) Harvard University

Located in: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Number of undergrads: 7,000

US News Ranking: 3

Known for: being the oldest and most famous American university, alumni network, having residential houses, medical and law school

3) Yale University

Located in: New Haven, Connecticut

Number of undergrads: 6,500

US News Ranking: 3

Known for:  alumni network, having residential houses, music and drama programs

4) Princeton University

Located in: Princeton, New Jersey

Number of undergrads: 5,000

US News Ranking: 1

Known for: eating clubs, research, emphasizing independent work

5) Columbia University

Located in: New York City, New York

Number of undergrads: 8,000

US News Ranking: 18

Known for: a strict core curriculum, nontraditional sports, urban/city campus, liberal arts

6) Cornell University

Located in: Ithaca, New York

Number of undergrads: 15,000

US News Ranking: 17

Known for: being rural, engineering, programs/colleges for Vet, architecture, and Hotel Admin, highest acceptance rate of the Ivies, sustainability

7) University of Pennsylvania

Located in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Number of undergrads: 10,000

US News Ranking: 7

Known for: Wharton School for business, social life, real estate + finance, double degree programs

8) Dartmouth University

Located in: Hanover, New Hampshire

Number of undergrads: 4,500

US News Ranking: 12

Known for:  being rural/woodsy, Greek life, political science + economics, undergraduate liberal arts focus, off campus study programs

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