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Jordyn Banks
Edited by Roger Yang
Published on
July 28, 2023

Simple Studies - Simple Studies has hundreds of free resources for all types of high school classes, including study guides, advice blogs, and advice about college/college admissions. Simple Studies offers 200+ study guides for IB, AP, and elective courses. Furthermore, it has 30+ college information and test prep articles written by students who have navigated college admissions – which can be tricky without guidance. Simple Studies also has many advice blogs, which are helpful in all aspects of high school. All of the resources are written by students, making the advice authentic and relevant to all high school students. 

Heimler’s History- If you are taking a high school history class, Heimler’s History is a highly beneficial resource. Heimler’s History can be found on Youtube, and he has hundreds of explanatory videos to help with AP History classes, including APUSH, AP gov, AP world history, and AP Euro. Even if you are not in an AP course, he has videos about history that can help anyone in their course. All of Heimler’s youtube videos are free, and all his videos will give you the resources to earn a five on your AP Exam. An additional resource (but not free) is his Ultimate Review Packet, which includes different videos on each unit, notes, and practice tests – but costs $24.99. Along with Heimler’s history, the Youtube channels of

Adam Norris APUSH and Joczproductions create outstanding AP history review videos. 

MarcoLearning- MarcoLearning is also an excellent resource for study guides. MarcoLearning also creates schedules you can follow to ace your AP exams, listing every study material you should use daily. Furthermore, MarcoLearning has study guides, practice tests, lesson plans, and advice from teachers about AP scores. Along with their website, they also have a YouTube channel that helps students understand concepts in AP classes.

Coach Hall Writes- Coach Hall Writes is a fantastic resource I found when struggling with AP Language and Composition rhetorical analysis essays. She has videos on each essay of the AP Lang curriculum, including rhetorical analysis, argument, and synthesis. She also has videos on how to succeed in AP Lang multiple choice exams –which can also help if you are studying for the ACT or SAT because the questions can be similar. I cannot stress enough how much of a fantastic teacher she is. 

Khan Academy-Khan Academy probably has the resources on the widest range of subjects –including economics, math, art, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science. The Khan Academy SAT practices are also very helpful. Similarly, Khan Academy has a section dedicated to advice, including college admissions advice.

Knowt- Knowt is a website with hundreds of pre-made flashcards for a wide range of subjects, and you can also make your free flashcards. Knowt also offers AP study guides, textbooks, and review sessions for AP tests. 

CrashCourse- Crash Course has highly engaging review videos on topics ranging from Zoology to Astronomy and all the general AP courses. I used CrashCourse videos when studying economics, and their videos helped! CrashCourse differs from other creators like Heimler’s History because Crash Course videos are shorter and less specific but cover more topics. 

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