How To Manage Time as a Student Athlete

Nancy Moustafa
Published on
September 15, 2022

Whether you play varsity basketball or club soccer, managing sports and school work can be very challenging. However, it doesn’t get easier on its own; you just learn how to manage your time better. Here are some tips to help you stay on track!

Time management 

If one had to be picked, the most important key in managing school and sports would be time management. Mastering time management is fundamental with a busy schedule, and as long as you conquer a weekly routine, it won’t be too problematic. Make sure not to procrastinate, as it will not help you succeed. Although it can be a terrible habit, procrastination can easily be defeated. Make sure to complete assignments immediately when they are given to you, not once they are due.


Having a daily or weekly routine can make your life much easier. Use the times of your games and practices to create a routine, and plan out what you can do during free times. Use this time to complete all the tasks you need to- whether it be taking a shower, having dinner, or working on homework. Make sure to build in a little time every day to pursue your hobbies, talk to friends, or simply relax. 


At the end of the day, there will always be one task that is more important than the other. As much as athletes ourselves care about sports, parents will constantly say that school is more important. But on top of all of that, our well-being tops all of it. 

To put it simply: 

Mental health > School > Sports 

Communication with coaches and teachers

Having a good relationship with teachers and coaches is an important part of time management, as it will help you if you need to miss practice or want an extension on an assignment. A key element to building such a relationship with them is most definitely communication. Although our superiors can seem intimidating and mean, they are just like us. Your teachers were stressed high school students at one point in their life too, so they will understand when you communicate your concerns to them. Building a strong relationship with your coaches and teachers is extremely important for success in academics and sports. 

Take weekends to your advantage

As much as weekends are designed to be a break, you can most definitely use them to catch up. In my personal life, I use Fridays and Saturdays to relax, refresh and restart. On those days, I may hang out with my friends, spend time with family, or set aside time for myself to do a hobby. More importantly, every Sunday is my “Catch Up Day”. If you’ve been slacking with a bad skill in soccer, you can go to a field and practice. If your speed performance hasn’t been at its best, you can go on a run. But with school specifically, you can catch up on homework, get a head start to study for an upcoming test, email teachers, and so much more. As much as you want to do nothing those two days, you can really set yourself up for a successful week. Not only can you use the weekends to catch up, but you can also use them to get ahead for the following week. 

Some extra tips: 

  • Stay organized: Having a digital or paper calendar can help you with upcoming deadlines. Even keeping your backpack and room clean can really make an impact. Studies have proven a clean environment enhances success in studies. 
  • Take advantage of your school resources: Attend math extra help if you are falling behind or talk to a school counselor if you are stressed out. 
  • Free periods: If the previous night you weren’t able to study the material to your potential, use your free period to catch up on loose ends. This can apply to homework assignments as well. 

Good luck to all student-athletes for the upcoming school year! :)

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