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Alexandra Prettitore
Edited by Zoe Jones
Published on
October 30, 2022

Sometimes it can feel like teachers simultaneously decide to each give hours of homework. This can be extremely overwhelming if you haven’t learned helpful skills to eliminate stress and complete homework assignments efficiently. After reading the remainder of this article, you will know the useful tips I utilize that make homework manageable. 

Be productive during free periods

I know it’s very tempting to hang out with friends during study halls or other free time during school, but using those periods to work on homework and studying is beneficial. It doesn’t have to be every free period— such as lunch since it’s important to fuel your body—but try to go to the school library a few times per week to get some work out of the way before you go home. This will allow you to concentrate in a quiet environment and return home with less work than you would have otherwise. 

Complete assignments in pieces

Many teachers, especially in AP classes, assign large amounts of homework at the beginning of the week and make it due at the end. While this makes procrastination seem appealing, I would strongly advise against it. Instead, do a little bit of an assignment each day of the week. This makes the workload more manageable and gives you time to ask the teacher any questions you may have. My AP United States History teacher recommended this technique to my class and it has definitely made large amounts of reading much less daunting. This applies in a more general sense as well; avoid procrastination as much as possible! 

Take organized and detailed notes in class

This is probably the area I’ve struggled with the most. It can be difficult to fully engage with teachers during class, especially in ones you aren’t interested in. Also, lectures  can be fast paced and you may be unable to write notes quickly. Despite these challenges, it’s still extremely important to attempt to take notes during class. They are great references to use while completing homework and eliminating time spent researching for outside sources. Notes taken directly from class are also useful when studying because all the necessary content will be in one location. I would suggest taking notes on a computer or tablet if possible because it’s typically simpler to type quickly than it is to write by hand. 

Take a break

The most essential tip I can give you is to take a break. Although schoolwork should be important, mental health always comes first. Give yourself at least thirty minutes after you return home from school to relax. This allows you to process what happened throughout the day and go into your homework refreshed. Not only will you be giving yourself some much deserved free time, but you’ll also be more alert when you do begin your homework, in turn, probably getting it done more efficiently. 

I hope these tips can help you make homework and studying less of a hassle. They’ve greatly improved my studying habits and I think with some practice, they can be beneficial to all!

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