Simple Studies’s Tips for Studying Simply

Sarah Frank
Published on
May 21, 2021

1. Use our study guides

We have 150+ study guides for AP and elective classes that are completely free, so use them to your advantage. Go to our homepage or study guide page to find the study guide for your class.

2. Take notes on videos or other study guides

Putting things in your own words will help you understand the material.

3. Physically write your notes

Typing notes on a computer may be convenient for searching, but you can type up your notes later if you need to! Hand-writing instead will help you digest the material better.

4. Spread out your studying

Don't cram two days before your exam. Cramming might keep some materials staying in your head but the majority will need more time to sink in.

5. Quiz yourself

You can use Quizlet or cover part of your screen to test yourself. You can also create flashcards or use a friend/family member if you don't have access to the Internet. When you quiz yourself, the joy of being correct or the disappointment of being wrong will help you recall the right answer during the test.

6. Reward yourself

You can give yourself a reward for getting a certain number of questions right or working for a certain amount of time. Rewards could be snacks, a Netflix episode, a break, or anything that will excite you to work.

7. Get rid of all distractions

For many people, a phone is the most distracting thing so power it off and set it aside. Without temptations, it’s easier to focus.

8. Set up study groups

Find people either at your school or at another school taking the same class and work through the work with them. Hearing what they think and working things through with them might help you understand the material.

9. Listen to music while you study

Here is one of our favorite playlists for instrumental pop covers.

10. Get a study buddy

We can match you with someone else taking one of your classes via our Simple Studies Buddies program.

Find more free resources here!


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