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Mustafa M. Al-Mashhadani
Edited by Jayla Parks
Published on
September 8, 2022

Getting resources for Advanced Placement (AP) courses may be one of the most challenging difficulties a student may face throughout their entire AP journey. Without guidance from teachers, students may struggle to find where to study content for their AP subjects. As a result of students being unable to study, students may lose interest in self-studying their course: leading to the inability to perform well on AP exams. 

To succeed in any AP course, students must access their resources correctly. In general, the teachers for self-studying AP students will be the resources that they use. 


Studying through dedicated AP textbooks is the most straightforward path to succeeding in AP courses. Textbooks for specific AP classes are arranged chronologically from easiest to hardest subjects (usually) and are arranged to allow for learning throughout. Dedicated AP textbooks will also be written by professionals with years of teaching. Also, the AP textbooks are often updated yearly. Though textbooks may vary in quality and effectiveness–i.e. an AP Biology textbook is more effective than an AP Chemistry textbook–textbooks provide an easy roadmap to completing the AP course. 

Recommended AP textbook brands:



The Princeton Review

5 Steps to a 5


Keeping a notebook may be a waste of time for self-studying AP students. Students may spend time more effectively by writing notes in the textbooks and highlighting important text with gel highlighters (since normal highlighters would bleed through). provides some free courses and exams for AP students that tests their academic and qualitative skills of students. Even courses that are pay-to-access have excellent quality in them–though that may not be an option for many students. The website is easy to navigate, has excellent customer service, and is aesthetically pleasing. Outside of AP, also offers SAT and ACT courses. also has free AP score calculators that give accurate estimates for you. This score calculator is especially useful when assessing your performance after completing practice exams. The score calculator is easy to work with and is highly interactive. 

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors offers free study material for several courses. Varsity Tutors has class, course, and tutor material for students to access. Varsity Tutors also has several practice tests as well that enable students to test their knowledge in general or in specific disciplines. Varsity Tutors offers students the ability to get tutors who can guide self-studying students while addressing concerns easily. 

Though some of the practice tests may be outdated and more concerned with knowledge retention–aspects Collegeboard has moved against–the practice exams allow students to test their academic skills and provide some time-management practice as well. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers several AP courses with videos, articles, and practice tests guiding students to perform well while learning the material rather than just memorizing it. Several AP courses are offered by Khan Academy, and Khan Academy is completely free! Khan Academy is especially helpful in math-related AP courses, where videos teach students how to solve questions while giving students the ability to follow along. 

Though videos are arranged in order of topics, going through every video is an extremely effective method of studying for any AP. Having Khan Academy access for self-studying students is the easiest method for students to study, keep-up motivation, and promote growth through learning. 


Youtube has several teachers and establishments that have lessons available on youtube. Youtube videos vary in quality, educational methods, and length which make them excellent since you can find your own pace and style. Teachers uploading content on Youtube provide you with the ability to learn the way you like. Videos may include prompts, powerpoints, or entire animations that fit the style that you like. AP channels include Bozeman Science and Crash Course. 


Simple Studies

Simple Studies compiles several AP resources made by students for students. The Simple Studies website is filled with free material written by students who have experience with studying for the AP exams. Resources differ in their genres, from videos to tutoring, everything can be found on the Simple Studies website. 

Simple studies has:

  • Social media pages;
  • Study guides;
  • College guides;
  • Articles;
  • Essay services;
  • Scholarships;
  • AP guides;
  • Blogs;
  • Etc.

Find more free resources here!


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