From Waiting to Winning: The Power of Consistency in Student Life

Sumitra Bhat
Edited By Kelly Ayala
Published on
October 30, 2023

Today, there's a heavy reliance on social media platforms for "motivation." But have you ever wondered how individuals maintained their drive before the emergence of it? Asking an adult in your life might offer enlightening insights, revealing how the media may have led you to believe that motivation is a prerequisite for initiation.

The truth is, all it takes to begin is to lift your pen or open your book. So, let's set aside the motivational speeches. This article serves as a perpetual reminder that consistency is the key to meaningful progress. 

Consistency has a powerful snowball effect. Small efforts made regularly add up over time, resulting in significant progress. Committing to learning a bit every day can lead to a wealth of knowledge and expertise over a semester or even a whole year. This steady progress is often more sustainable and ultimately more rewarding than occasional bursts of intense effort. 

Let's take the example of John and Emily. John, motivated by a social media fitness transformation, starts his fitness journey with intense enthusiasm but struggles to maintain consistency. He often skips workouts on days he lacks motivation, leading to an inconsistent routine. In contrast, Emily prioritizes consistency over immediate motivation, sticking to her fitness routine even on days when she feels less inspired. This approach leads to steady progress and significant long-term improvements in her strength and overall health.

Students often grapple with this common dilemma. 

Here are some tips you can use to counter exactly that:

One step at a time 

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by a mountain of work – it's a common challenge for students. After leaving school, the sheer amount of tasks can feel like a lot. Instead of waiting for motivation to kick in, set clear goals. Pick certain days for thorough cleaning and reserve a specific hour each day for homework. This steady routine forms the foundation of your progress. Succeeding in these smaller tasks can be a powerful motivator for taking on bigger ones.

Perfection is a myth

Waiting for motivation can sometimes be tied to a desire for perfect conditions. However, striving for perfection can be an impossible goal. Consistency acknowledges that progress may not always be flawless, but it's still progress. It encourages students to embrace the learning process, with all its ups and downs, rather than aiming for an unattainable standard. 

The Escape Journal: Turning Fatigue into Fuel 

When motivation wanes, turn to your escape journal. Document moments of exhaustion and low motivation, and then, immediately afterward, write down what you accomplished. Reviewing these entries provides a powerful reminder of your resilience and capability, motivating you to push through challenges. 

Prioritize "Me Time" and Avoid Multitasking 

Scheduling dedicated "me time" is crucial for maintaining a balanced approach to studying. Allocate specific slots for rest and relaxation, and avoid the temptation to multitask during study sessions. Focusing on one task at a time allows for deeper comprehension and more effective learning. Another common mistake is mixing study and relaxation in the same space, as it can hinder productivity. Research shows that separating these activities can be more effective. If you're limited in where you can work, try changing one element of the activity. For example, if you're watching YouTube, try standing up instead of sitting in a chair.

Plan Tomorrow Today

Writing down tasks for the next day the night before sets a clear agenda and provides a sense of purpose upon waking up. This simple yet powerful habit helps students start their day with intention, ensuring a productive and focused mindset. 

Confronting Reality

Living in denial is a barrier to progress. Facing your problems head-on is an integral part of the journey towards excellence. Acknowledging challenges allows you to address them proactively, leading to solutions and ultimately, a more focused and effective approach to prioritisation.


One of the most powerful aspects of consistency is its compounding nature. Small, regular efforts accumulate over time, leading to significant advancements. A daily commitment to learning, even in bite-sized increments, can result in a wealth of knowledge and expertise over the course of a semester or academic year. So believe in yourself and START NOW!

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