Mark Your School With Culture

Fatima Lira
Edited by Shivali Patel
Published on
October 30, 2023

All schools consist of students coming from multiple backgrounds. Cultural diversity is an incredible component of any school. It promotes inclusivity, cultural appreciation, and awareness on a global scale, and it enriches students. Though each culture is different and unique in its own way, embracing and implementing culture in a school environment allows students and staff to realize our unity in diversity. 

As a student, there are many ways to implement your culture in the school community. Some of these may require permission from the school administration, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot! You never know what you can achieve and how much of a positive impact you can create. This is all for a good cause, as it can benefit yourself, classmates, and school staff.

1. Create a club

By creating a club, you are establishing a direct way to communicate with all students who may share similar interests. A few things you can do in your club include giving short, fun history facts, having a small potluck consisting of foods from your culture, hosting a fashion show, sharing stories, and so much more. Starting a club is not only a good way to educate and connect with people who have different backgrounds but also to meet those who share the same culture as you. These types of bonds are extremely special to have, especially at school. It is important to know those who have a lot in common with you!

2. Dedicate a day to cultural appreciation

Though school administration permission may be needed, dedicating a day to cultural appreciation is an efficient way to bring all of your school together. Host workshops that speak of different cultures and traditions from around the world. Maybe even encourage classmates to come to school in their cultural attire. Handing out treats and/or small objects that come from your culture can make a huge impact as well. The purpose is to keep your school community involved with learning and educating others. Who knows, this can even become a tradition at your school!

3. Put on performances at and outside of school

Putting on performances to display cultural talents and recitals such as dance, music, storytelling, etc. can attract a lot of attention. You can ask your school admin to host this event in the auditorium or any place where people can gather to watch. If not possible, give it a shot during school entertainment assemblies or talent shows. You can even set a date for a performance and have the location set near the school (like a library or nearby theater). This way, people of all ages and backgrounds can come to watch.

4. Volunteer to teach others

Volunteering is another method of giving back to your community. There are many ways to implement cultural education in volunteering. You can volunteer at school during free hours or after school. You can teach dance, cooking, language, writing, or music. The possibilities are endless. As a high schooler, this is also a good opportunity to collect volunteer hours while doing something you love and are familiar with.

Overall, culture can come in many shapes and sizes! It proves to be a fun and engaging experience for those who may not have much knowledge about unfamiliar traditions. Raising awareness for your culture is an impressive way to give back to your community. It is also a rewarding experience that is both fun and fulfilling for yourself and others. Even if there are existing clubs and cultural opportunities at your school, that doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from joining. There are endless ways to connect with and spread your culture!

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