Ivy News: Harvard University President Resigns

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Published on
January 2, 2024

TLDR: Harvard President Claudine Gay resigns for two main reasons (allegedly): accusations for plagiarism and her inability to say that calls for the genocide of Jews is a violation of conduct policies.

Issue 1: The slightly-longer version: Today, Harvard President Claudine Gay resigned and stepped down to a faculty position. In her email to the Harvard community, she writes that this decision comes "after consultation with members of the Corporation" and that "it has been difficult beyond words." In the December 5th hearing, three university presidents were asked a simple yes or no question: does calling for the genocide of Jews violate the school conduct policy? Gay answered that it depends on the context and that Harvard defends free speech until it becomes bullying or harassment.

Issue 2: President Claudine Gay has been accused of plagiarism in her published works. More than half of her pieces have come under suspicion, and this article dives deeper into what the accusations are. In summary, the Harvard corporation found "inadequate citations" and multiple news outlets have pointed out uncanny resemblances between Gay's pieces and previously published pieces.

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