Inequity vs Inequality: Why We Fight for Education Equity

Sarah Frank
Published on
August 14, 2023

The difference between inequity and inequality might seem small but really make a world of a difference. Inequality means people aren't given the same resources, treatment, or opportunities. Inequity is inequality in respect to needs. For example, if you give two 6'0" people a 6 foot ladder, they both reach 12 feet tall. But if you give that same 6 foot ladder to a 4'0" person, they aren't reaching as high. The image below shows the difference visually.

Education equity is what we fight for here at Simple Studies, because yes, all students might have the same textbook, but some also have a private tutor to walk them through it. Lots of kids have to fight twice as hard to make it half as far in their education; kids are compared on an uneven playing field.

And education isn't just about education. Education can lead to a career which can lead to financial stability. Education inequity is a cyclical and systematic issue-- one we need to recognize whether or not we are impacted ourselves.

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