How to Stay Motivated in School

Melike Sommer
Published on
August 24, 2022

“I don't need school”, “I don't understand anything”, “I'll fail anyways”, “I'm too tired to learn”          

                                                   “What am I even doing this for?”

          If you can see yourself in these saying sentences in topic school, this is for you.

A draining class, social life, as well as social media are factors that can easily take away students’ motivation and make it hard to keep focus on school. Keeping up with all these as a student and still performing well in school is anything but easy. Many students can relate to at least one of the above statements. Remember, you are not alone with that, and thankfully there are many things that you can do to stay motivated and make your memory of school a pleasant one.


Accept it

Even the most hard-working people sometimes lack motivation. This is important to remember as just because you do not feel like doing anything for school, doesn't mean that you're a failure, including that the feeling remains. Start getting used to accepting that sometimes you just don't wanna do it. That's okay, nevertheless, it depends on you. Find ways to push yourself through it or keep procrastinating.


Take Care of Yourself

This should be one of your top priorities.

Getting enough sleep, eating right, taking breaks from social media, getting organized, reading books, and taking care of your body can be perfect ways to create a self-care routine. Furthermore, learn to say no. It might be a struggle for many of us, but there's nothing wrong with not wanting to do something, as well as not wanting to waste the rest of your energy. Doing all these will make you feel more energized to face your day!

Try some new learning methods

Some learn best by listening, some in a group setting, while others have to use their body to learn it. Learning methods are the key to good grades and innovative learning. So don't be scared and try yourself out! Social media can be a perfect tool for finding endless different learning methods which you can combine or can create a personal one matched only for you.

Romanticise School

Personally, this helped me the most with staying motivated in school.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, romanticizing means: to talk about something in a way that makes it sound better than it is, or to believe that something is better than it is.

Try to make school and studying in a way that you can enjoy. Firstly, create yourself a comfortable working space, or even organize your area according to your aesthetic. Next thing: Be creative! Pretend that you're in a movie or TV-Show being your favorite character. Going to coffee shops to work and listening to a study playlist are also part of it. The Importance is to try to connect studying and school with something pleasant/comfortable and make yourself believe it.

Together with attending school, packing yourself a nice lunch, listening to your favorite playlist, reading or drawing on breaks, making your notes look aesthetic, and pretending to be the main character, can benefit you.

The next point can also support the romanticization, it’s: 

Keep your goals in sight: Set a vision board

Everyone has a goal, a dream,  but sadly they don't come true overnight. It is important to always remember your motivation for studying. You can do that in many ways, but creating a vision board, from my experience, is very helpful.

A vision board is a visual collage representation of images and words representing your goals as well as anything else related to your personal growth intended to serve as inspiration or motivation. Not only can you find good examples on Pinterest, but you can also find Inspiration in general for motivation in every way. 


Recognize your achievements + don’t compare yourself to others

This might be easy to forget as a busy student, but it is so crucial if you want to keep your motivation for studying high. Always remember that everyone has a different journey and comes from different backgrounds, which means everyone starts differently. Never forget that it's your path.  So don’t try to compare yourself and your grades with others and try to focus on your results and how you can improve them. Recognize and memorize your past successes as well as achievements and let them take over your mind instead of your failures. 

“Like success, failure is many things to many people. With a positive mental attitude, failure is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder, a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order, and prepare to try again.” W. Clement Stone

 Develop self-discipline

As a student, there will always be subjects you don’t enjoy and periods of distraction in your life, which is why it is so important to develop self-discipline in exchange for succeeding through those times. Developing self-discipline starts with recognizing your distractions and eliminating them, for example, your phone. When this is completed you can start having small study sessions. If you're a night owl, even at night. Set a watch or timer for 15 straight minutes. Then, force yourself to study for those 15 minutes, making sure that nothing distracts you. Then, when the time is over, take a 10-minute break. Use the bathroom, grab some brain food, stay hydrated and get back to study.  Once that develops into something slightly easy, increase for 20 minutes. Keep rising the time you manage self-discipline until you can focus on your desired goal time. Giving yourself rewards once you achieve your goal can be a really good willpower exercise, so always have this in mind of doing it too.


…we can say that being a student no matter what age is not easy. 

Staying always motivated in school is a hard struggle because there will always be days when you're doubting and not believing in yourself. To combat this state you should always be aware of these questions: How would giving up make you feel like? Always think about the consequences before you give up. How would it affect your dreams for the future? Dreams never come true overnight. It's a journey. What will life be like when you achieve them? You can have everything you want but you have to contribute to achieving it.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” 

  - B.B. King.


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