How to Romanticize Studying

Tianna Hunt, Fica Shayndel
Published on
September 21, 2021


Taking a sip of the steamy cup of coffee, your eyes wander across the book laying on your lap. As gentle music plays in the background, you find yourself falling into the pages of your textbook. The scent of cinnamon candles wafts through the air. Wow…Biology has never seemed this interesting before.

The paragraph above is a vivid description of a romanticized study session. Yes, it is that easy to achieve. It is no secret that the process of studying can be very daunting - whether it's reading numerous chapters, making notes or creating questions - However its shape or form, many people find studying boring.

But here's how we can fix that:

  1. Create a comfortable study space

Whether it be a chair in the corner of your room, a beanbag you love, or a desk set-up, the look of your study area will largely affect your mood. To make it a more productive environment, consider the following:

Pictures. Pinterest has great aesthetic pictures and inspiring quotes that can serve as motivation for studying. Simply print them out, and decorate your space however you see fit.

Lighting. For a more cozy vibe with blankets and such, dim lights will do the trick (just don’t fall asleep!). If you prefer staying more upright and alert, bright white lights will work just fine. Using fairy lights as decoration can also make your space more visually appealing.

Lastly, If you have access to scented products, keeping them close by would be a great way to add to that comforting feeling. Rosemary and Peppermint are known to have great effects on the brain whilst working, so if you can, definitely give them a try.

  1. Setting the mood

Now that your study space is done, you need one more thing: music/background noise.

Youtube and Spotify have numerous playlists that can help get you in a focused zone. The music you choose is entirely up to the ambiance you want to achieve.

For example, when writing, I find that rainy sounds and the Harry Potter soundtrack make me extremely productive. The world around me blurs, causing me to focus on the task at hand and the music in the background.

When choosing what to listen to, here are some tips:

  • Instrumentals over sounds with lyrics
  • Experiment with classical music (the channel "oliviaalee" on YouTube has great options!)
  • Play the soundtrack of your favorite show(s)
  • Listen to environmental sounds that you find calming (rain, wind, and other white noises)

There are also numerous real-time “study with me" videos on YouTube ranging from 30 minutes to 10+ hours. These allow you to have a virtual study partner and keep you focused and inspired as you watch them work while completing your own tasks.

  1. Finally, mindset

Though by definition, the word romanticize means to alter something, making it seem better than it actually is, when it comes to mindset, you need to want to do it.

It can be hard to find the willpower to get things done, but here are some tips that may help:

  • Make a vision board and ask yourself: 'What would that version of myself do right now, knowing that the test is next week?' If the answer is to study, then do it.
  • Think of your role model. What can you do to get where they are or even better?
  • Think of studying as preparation for a fun game. What is the game? The exam. How can you win? By studying.
  • Reward yourself afterward (Ex: after completing your essay and math problems for homework, take a break and watch a few episodes of your favorite show!)

Remember that this should be a fun process. Using these tips alongside effective study methods might prove extremely beneficial. Good luck!

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