How to Prepare For Senior Year

Kelly Granger
Published on
June 17, 2023

As an incoming senior, pressure about college applications and results is already beginning to stress me out. Following a conversation between me and my guidance counselor, I realized something; Although our senior year is crucial academically, it is also our last year of high school. So, enjoy it! In this article, I will highlight how to have a productive and peaceful senior year in high school. 

Starting with what is easily the most stressful part of senior year: college applications. By talking to peers and mentors, I've realized that spreadsheets are a saving grace. Some friends of mine utilized spreadsheets to track college applications, scholarship deadlines, and FAFSA tasks. Dutifully using personalized spreadsheets can assist in organizing deadlines and tasks during this busy time, leaving no room for doubt to creep in.

Secondly, focus on the fun! Senior homecoming and winter break are some of the funniest experiences in high school. Although bittersweet, you will remember those last moments of this chapter in your life with friends and family, so don't forget to cherish them. 

Third, don't go all in on college. While it's exciting to dream about what college you'll end up at, putting all your eggs in one basket can set you up for heartbreak. Be hopeful, but not obsessive! Your future is not determined by the name of a prestigious school on your acceptance letter.


Lastly, be sure to thank those who have helped you along the way: Friends, family, mentors, and anybody you can think of that has made an impact on you! High school is full of tough years, and the community you create will have your back. 

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