How To Boost Your Grades

Kelly Granger
Edited by Zoe Jones
Published on
April 30, 2023

Towards the end of every school year, students tend to begin to yield to fatigue. As such, work ethic and quality of output declines, which leads to lower grades. While exhaustion and simply wanting the school year to be over are understandable reactions to a year of assignments, the fourth quarter is for finishing strong. In order to do this, do all extra credit available, learn to multitask properly, and build support systems. 

Extra credit is a resource many students tend to overlook. In the fourth quarter, most kids are so swamped with finals, essays, capstone projects, and standardized test prep that they don't take advantage of small points here and there that can act as a cushion for their grade. "Cushion grades'' are points such as 15 points for a homework assignment that was graded for completion. These grades add up to cushion your average if you get too caught up or busy to study for a quiz or bigger grade. Cushion points are sometimes the difference between an A or a B in a class, and in the last quarter this can take a massive stressor off your plate. 

A large component to finishing the year on a high note is learning how to multitask effectively. Everyone learns differently, so the method that will work for you may not apply to anyone you know. For myself, I tend to block time. Time blocking is when I can sit down with a to do list and get large amounts of my work done at one time. This frees up other time to make revisions, get involved with extracurriculars, and enjoy hobbies. Several people I know like to spread out their assignments, so they have days where they only work on math and then days where they only work on history. Figuring out how to accomplish multiple things at the same time will free up time to allow yourself to relax and catch up on things outside of school.

Make sure to keep yourself involved towards the end of the school year. Many students tend to check out and lose relationships because of the itch to get to summer break. Instead of this, maintain regular plans with friends, try to make new ones, and make sure you're spending enough time outside. Making sure your social circle and life outside of school is healthy plays a massive role in whether you can mentally handle a transition to a new school year.

Overall, the end of a school year is exciting, but normally tough. Teachers cramming in assignments, studying for finals, and running for club officers can take a lot out of students. In order to combat this fatigue, make sure you're keeping your friends close, taking advantage of extra credit, and learning how to work efficiently. 

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