Clubs to Start or Join at Your High School

Rylee Rhineberger
Edited by Zoe Jones
Published on
September 8, 2022

As a Junior in high school, who has been a part of many clubs, I have been able to see the benefits that joining clubs has brought me as well as many others around me over the last 2 years. Clubs are a great way for students to make friends or find others that share similar interests. Being a part of clubs is something that you can add to your resume or applications. There are many nationally recognized clubs that most schools offer, but if your school does not offer a particular club that you or others may be interested in, that does not mean you cannot start one at your high school. 

Nationally Recognized Clubs 

  • FBLA  (Future Business Leaders of America) 
  • Has middle and collegiate levels
  • Holds State and National conferences where students compete in their chosen competitive events 
  • Builds leadership skills, introduces students to future career paths, and allows students to network 
  • Beta Club
  • Beta Club’s mission is to teach students to put others before themselves
  • Beta Club also holds State and National conferences where members can participate in competitions and network as well
  • Organizes and preforms community service
  • Typically has a GPA requirement 
  • SGA (Student Government Association)
  • This is a great one to start if your school does not already have one
  • SGA is typically in charge of dances or any big events your school holds
  • Great way to get involved and give your input on school events 
  • Key Club
  • Key club is another club that focuses on providing community service
  • Great for developing leadership skills
  • Gets you involved with your community
  • NHS (National Honor Society)
  • Also similar to Beta and Key Club, this club focuses on organizing and performing community service 
  • Typically has a GPA requirement as well
  • FFA (Future Farmers of America)
  • This club is typically more common at schools in rural areas
  • Agricultural education and introduction to agricultural careers
  • Hands on learning
  • Experience conferences and competitions
  • Speech and Debate Club
  • Offers middle and collegiate levels
  • Great if you enjoy speaking and debating or if you would like to improve in these areas
  • Competition based club
  • Model UN
  • Learn more about United Nations and their purpose
  • Students perform ambassador roles and debate topics from their chosen countries’ stand point
  • Holds local and national events

Interest Clubs 

  • Gaming Club or Esports Club
  • This is a great club to start if you enjoy playing video games
  • Many teachers would be eager to help start this club (they like gaming too)
  • Great way to make new friends
  • Any subject you are interested in
  • Ex: math club, creative writing club, forgien language club, science club, history club, etc. 
  • Meet friends and expand your knowledge
  • Possibly also offer tutoring to students in struggle in your subject of choice
  • Typically ask a teacher who teaches the subject you are interested in to be the sponsor
  • Book Club
  • If you enjoy reading, no matter what genre, this is a great club to start at your school
  • Find others that like the same authors and genres as you
  • Discuss your thoughts on books or give each other suggestions on what to read next
  • Art Club
  • Can consist of any art; drawing, painting, digital art, ceramics, etc
  • Good to start/join if you enjoy creating art and wish to improve, or share your work with others
  • Environmental Club
  • Meet others that share a love for the environment and help create more eco-friendly practices within your school
  • Start a garden, grow fresh fruit and veggies right at your school
  • Start recycling projects at your school

These are not all of the nationally recognized clubs in the US, nor are these all the interest clubs that may exist. This is simply a small overview of the possible clubs that a school may have or that someone may wish to create. If you have an interest or a passion, even if you do not think it has ever been a club before, try to start it. You may not realize how many people share the same interests as you until you try. 


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