8 Remote Volunteering Opportunities for High Schoolers

Temi Ayetiwa
Published on
May 21, 2021

The pandemic has greatly changed the way we live our everyday lives and how we do things. For many high school students, it has become stressful to keep up with their old extracurriculars and get involved with new ones.

While it can be difficult to find volunteering opportunities during this time, here are a few opportunities that you can take part in during these remote times! But first, we have to remind you that we at Simple Studies always have applications open. Check out our join page for more information!

1.Project Gutenberg

If you like to read this is a great opportunity for you! Project Gutenberg offers remote volunteering positions for those interested in proofreading ebooks. “You can help in many ways: by helping proofread an eBook, by procuring eligible paper books, or burning CDs and DVDs for people without Internet access” (Project Gutenberg).

2. Be My Eyes  

Be My Eyes is a really cool organization with a mission to help blind or low-vision people by using sighted volunteers! You can be a part of this by signing up to be a volunteer or translating their app into different languages. Volunteers can do anything to help like: “checking expiry dates, distinguishing colors, reading instructions or navigating new surroundings” (Be My Eyes).

3. American Red Cross

Interested in directly helping those local to you or even across the country? The American Red Cross has tons of remote volunteering opportunities for high school students and they even have a quiz that you can take to see what the best fit is for you.  This organization is an excellent way to spend your time while you’re stuck at home.

4. DoSomething  

DoSomething is an organization with tons of remote volunteering opportunities. It's a great website if you are also interested in activism and doing volunteer work that involves creating change. They also offer many monthly scholarships and insightful articles for you to read! This website helps expand your knowledge on certain issues and tells you ways that you can help.

5. TeensGive

Teens give is an organization that allows teens to volunteer by tutoring students from underserved communities virtually. Complete the application on their website to apply to be a TeensGive tutor.

6. TED talk translation

Do you know another language? Do you like listening to inspiring TED talks? If so TED talk translation would be a really cool volunteering opportunity to put on your resume! Even if the only language you know is English, simply click the link above and apply to be a translator.

7. United Nations Volunteer  

The UN Volunteering program is a really cool opportunity with tons of options for you to choose from. They have everything starting from translation to art and design opportunities.

This program is also great for international students because most opportunities are dependent on what country you are from. There are age restrictions and country restrictions on a lot of the activities so be sure to double check prior to getting started!

8. Check with your local library!

Most libraries offer student volunteering opportunities to interested students. Due to the pandemic, many libraries have switched to online formats because of the pandemic. If your local library does not already offer student volunteering positions, try writing an email and offering a service of yours that you like to do.

Do you like to draw? Why not host a virtual drawing class for those in your area. Are you good with computers or technology? Offer to help them make things more accessible by creating a website if your local library does not already have one.  You can get creative with this one and explore numerous ways to help out your local library.

If you're looking for a way to help fellow students and get volunteer hours at the same time, join Simple Studies. We have positions open all the time and many offer service hours. Visit the "Join Us" page for more information.

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