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Sarah Frank
Published on
April 13, 2023

AP Classes are, of course, experienced differently depending on the person-- but you're not here for the disclaimers. Let's cut to the chase. What are generally considered the easiest AP classes you can take?

1) AP Psychology: AP Psychology is mostly memorization and common sense. More than half of students pass these AP exams.

2) AP Environmental Science: Similar to AP Psych, it is mostly memorization and common sense, but the AP exam is a bit harder to get a good score on.

3) AP Seminar: While it is a more rare offering for AP classes, if you can take it, take it! Around 75% of students pass the final and it's very interdisciplinary so you can apply it to any field of study.

4) AP English Literature: This will only be easier for you if you are good at reading and analysis, but the course mainly involves reading books and writing about them. Around 75% of students pass this exam.

5) AP Comparative Government and Politics: This course covers the governments in a set list of countries and is mostly memorization. Around 70% of students pass.

For all of these classes, we have free study guides available!

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