Creative Writing Prompts for Summer

Amanda Schilling
Edited by Amy Karim
Published on
August 2, 2023

Although summer is a time for relaxing before the upcoming school year, summer can also be utilized to work on specific skills that are useful during the school year. Practicing your writing allows you to advance your language skills and develop your own unique writing style, both of which can be beneficial for the school year. Writing practice doesn’t have to be boring though! By using creative storytelling and journaling through prompts, you will have fun writing while also developing long lasting writing skills. This blog will provide 10 prompts, that leave space for you to use your imagination, that you can choose from for your summer writing. 

  1. Write a letter to yourself a couple of years from now (a.k.a. your future self). It can be from one year to five. Describe what your life is like now and the goals you wish to fulfill within the next few years. You can also include some advice for your future self to use.
  2. Imagine you wake up inside the body of your favorite celebrity for a day. Describe what you would do with this opportunity and how you would use up that day.
  3. You have the ability to fly or teleport. Which would you pick? Explain your reasoning and give some examples of adventures you would go on. 
  4. Write a poem about your favorite season. Describe the season in a poetic manner and make it as many stanzas as you wish.
  5. Write a memoir-style piece about one of your favorite childhood adventures in the summer. Explain how the memory you chose sticks out to you more than other memories. 
  6. Imagine it is Halloween night in the 80s. Create a story about a group of teenagers and their nostalgic adventures in their small town. For example, maybe they go to a graveyard and find mysteries within the graveyard. 
  7. Create a dialogue between two kids that meet at a summer camp and how they create a friendship in an unlikely spot of the camp.
  8. Create a short story about a young girl that finds a magic mirror in her grandmother's basement and how she finds a magic wonderland hidden within the mirror. 
  9. Write a first person point-of-view story about a kid’s perspective through a historic event that you are intrigued in. For example, you could do the sinking of the Titanic or World War 1, or even the Chernobyl Disaster.
  10. Describe a day at the beach from the perspective of a sea animal like a fish or turtle, and what they see throughout the day. This could include their interactions with humans and the changing landscape. 

Summer is a great time to use for expanding your writing abilities. Whether you find your inspiration from the beaming sun, beautiful flowers, or memories, there is something magical about capturing this season on paper (or a google document). You are able to transport yourself and readers to new places in time through these prompts. There are no wrong ways to write, and these are just a couple of prompts to get you started! Writing serves as a great activity, especially if you are bored. With all this said, grab your pen or pencil (or laptop), and get to writing! Happy writing!

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