Boosting Autumn Productivity in Cozy Study Spots

Amanda Schilling
Edited by Zoe Jones
Published on
October 30, 2023

Entering the autumn season, it can be easy to fall into a slump. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Autumn brings so many opportunities for you to be inspired to be productive and embrace the beauty of the season. This article will describe how you can improve your academic studies during this season and provide ways to develop your study space to be more festive. 

For students with a designated study space, it may be nice to switch up the atmosphere every once in a while. These changes do not have to be large. Using autumn scents like pumpkin spice or vanilla through candles or diffusers can make a space feel cozier. Adding fall-colored stationary, materials, and decorations to your space can also make the study area feel more festive and improve your productivity. Decorating your study room with autumn-themed throw pillows or blankets to use by your desk can also make your space more aesthetic. 

If you have the opportunity to study near a window, you should definitely take advantage of that. The sun sets sooner in autumn, so you can have a gorgeous early sunset in the background while doing your homework! If you do not have a window near your space, warm lighting like fairy and twinkle lights add comfort to the autumn vibe. Switching up your study spot can also help increase academic productivity by preventing boredom in a particular space. For example, you could try studying at a local coffee shop, library, or bookstore. You could also utilize the outdoor seating in those spaces. Fresh air may be just what you need to power through a study session and finish an assignment. 

Having music and switching up your study playlist for autumn can also help develop your productivity. This could include anything from acoustic guitar, classical music, or Jack Stauber fall songs (his song “Buttercup” screams autumn)! There are also videos on YouTube with autumn ambiance and great visuals that you can have going on in the background as you study. Taking breaks is also important in keeping productive. Consider reading a chapter of a book or watching an episode of a television show. If you’re in a very festive mood, Gilmore Girls is a great series to watch since the show’s small-town vibes are perfect for the fall season. 

Overall, autumn provides students with many ways to maintain strong productivity to set them up for success. Adding some festivity to your space allows you to make the most of your time this season and romanticize your daily study routines. After all, autumn is one of the most colorful and coziest times of the year, so take advantage of it. Happy studying!

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