5 Sites to Find Scholarships

Sarah Frank
Published on
May 21, 2021

There are so many search engines that locate scholarships but some are better than others. Here are 5 of my personal favorites that have connected me with amazing scholarships.

1) Bold.org

Bold's site is a really convenient way to locate scholarships and even easier to apply to. You can filter scholarships by category, essay/no essay, due date, and more. They offer one-tap scholarships and the chance to apply to several scholarships by just submitting your profile.

2) Tallo

Tallo's site is very simple and allows for easy filtering on the opportunities dashboard. Some of the opportunities are very niche which can be both a blessing and a curse. Niche scholarships are hard to find but easier to win.

3) Unigo

Unigo's site is a little more overwhelming because of the sheer amount of content on the site. They have their own scholarships as well as external linking to other sites. They also have a specific section just for easy scholarships to apply to. Beyond scholarships, they also have college searches and information.

3) Cappex

Cappex is somewhat similar to Unigo in that it has both college and scholarship information. It matches you with scholarships and puts them in an easy-to-read table with their characteristics.

4) Niche

Niche's website is the most complex but it allows for a lot of specialized searches and by majors, ethnicity, ease of application, and exclusivity. Similar to the above two sites, it offers college search information and rankings.

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