3 Standardized Testing Tips

Sarah Frank
Published on
December 19, 2022
  1. Take both the ACT and SAT then take whichever you did better on again

Most colleges accept a superscore, meaning that you can submit your highest score on each individual section even if those scores come from different tests. Take both the ACT and SAT, see which one you have a higher percentile on, then study for it more and take it again. This will allow you to superscore on whichever test you are better at taking.

  1. Come to the test prepared

Here is a list of things to bring: a snack, a calculator, extra batteries for the calculator, a mechanical #2 pencil, a regular wooden pencil, a water bottle, a mask, a jacket, glasses (if applicable), and a good eraser.

  1. Study based on past tests

Khan Academy can be connected to your CollegeBoard account (here is how) to show you which areas you did well on as well as which areas need work. It will give you practice questions and tests based on what you need as an individual.

Good luck from Simple Studies!

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