Simple Summaries

The Wizard


Simple Summary by Sarah Frank

·      A female teacher named Ms. Watts realizes an inner-city Black boy named George Cantrell is really smart and a good person so she takes him under her wing

·      He is called the Wizard because of his coke dealing skills

·      The Wizard tells his kinda stupid sorta friend Rensselaer about it

o  Ms. Watts and the Wizard met when he was in 6thgrade and when he destroyed her roses but he felt badly so he used his coke money and planted new ones

·      Ms. Watts told him to take a prep school admissions test for Alden Hill

·      On his third try, he does really well and got an interview then acceptance than a scholarship

·      The Wizard has been out of school, learning from Ms. Watts, exploring the city, and dealing drugs

·      For the five months before school starts, he focuses on dealing for Earl (his boss) and even meets Earl’s family

o  Earl has a daughter named Delight

·      Earl and the Wizard do a drug run to Miami then come back to find Delight died

·      The Wizard decides he’s done with dealing

·      Says goodbye to Watts who is in some sort of care home

o  “It looks like they made a 'dummy' Miss Watts out of her old green sweater and a dried peach for her head. She looks at him, a long look with nothing in it”

·      He moves