Simple Summaries

The Days of the Thunderbirds

Sarah Phillips

Simple Summary by Sarah Frank

·      Camp Grayfeather, in Delaware = an integration camp.

·      The campers’ fathers were professors and clergymen

o  had been selected to form a collection of colors and religions so that when the 36 or so fourteen-year-olds assembled, theylooked like a UNICEF poster.

·      Chen cheu, a pretty Chinese-American girl from Ohio

·      Ellen, whose father was a Reform rabbi in Baltimore.

·      Thunderbirds = A black teenage gang

·      The 17 Thunderbirds (ten boys and seven girls)pulled up in a yellow graffitied bus to stay for a week

·      Marvin Jones introduces himself

·      One camper says: "They'll eat us for breakfast!"

·      A camp building was graffitied and everyone assumed it was one of the Thunderbirds

·      Rap session

o  the Thunderbirds broke into a rehearsed chant: "What the word/Thunderbird," rapping and cursing

·      the Thunderbirds started fights, had sex during the hay ride, and stole a camper's clothes, they were asked to leave.

·      Ellen, Chencheu, and the narrator stopped the bus and began chanting the Thunderbird's profane verse "What the word/Thunderbird."

·      The Thunderbirds cheered for them and there seemed to be an understanding but they left anyway