Simple Summaries

Over the Hill

Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Over the Hill is From "First Sightings"

·      Pat = art teacher

o  Pat and the narrator’s mom decide on the side hustle of bartending at fancy parties

·      Sees a bunch of pregnant people on the street

o  “a pregnant person is living evidence that she actually did it with a man” --> MC would want to stay inside lol

·      James Wertheim = mom’s new bf, lawyer

·      Jodie thinks abortion is murder

·      Jodie’s mom disagrees and says it could happento anyone when they are unprepared

o  Jodie says it couldn’t happen to her

·      Pat and Jodie’s mom are making drinks at an event

o  Jodie asks her mom for another drink to which her mom says no

·      The mom calls her boyfriend James and tells him to bring his friend Sam for Pat

·      “James will want to stay over and my mom will feel funny about it because of me”

·      James calls and Jodie answers, then says her mom has gone out and can’t answer the phone (which is not true)

·      Pat says that someone named Lisa had an abortion

o  The mom said she’s glad she never had to

·      The mom calls James to see where he is but Jamesdoesn’t answer. They assume he’s just on his way.

o  “James will call sooner or later I suppose and then it will all come out.”

·      “Still and all, a person has to make some effort to keep things under control and I’m glad I did”

·      “If grownups don’t act their age, who is going to keep any kind of order in the world?”