Simple Summaries

Marine Corps

David Mclean

Simple Summary by Sarah Frank

·      Abusive father in the Marine Corps left behind 3 trunk chests

·      Charlie didn’t know him for the first 10 years of his life and was renamed when he returned from Vietnam to Johnathan

·      Jonny learned about Vietnam then asked his mom about his dad’s time in the war. She didn’t know but said not to ask his dad because he’s tried to forget it all

·      One trunk had family memorabilia and under it, uniforms and Marine stuff

·      Jonny finds a purple heart

·      Joe (brother) tells Johny that a farmer set fire to his own fields

o  “Poor old man” says the dad

·      Dad drove the long way back from a baseball game to see the field on fire

·      Ashes are raining

·      Johny finds an article about his dad being a prisoner of war for 3 years

·      Johny reads about Vietnamese torture techniques

·      Dad found him reading and was angry, quiet