Simple Summaries

Fields of Exile (Gold)

Nora Gold

Simple Summary by Sarah Frank

Gold, excerpt from Fields of Exile

• Famous speaker Michael Brier agrees to come speak for a low rate “for someone of his celebrity” because Dunhill has been standing up against oppression

• Committee plans anti-oppression day • Committee makes tow subcommittees: Teacher Evaluation and Admissions Outreach

• Michael Brier proposed 3 possible speech topics: the new anti-globalization movement, anti-oppression and equity, Zionist Imperialism

• James says Brier should talk about Zionism because it’s topical • Judith says he should talk about anti-oppression, thinking that she doesn’t want Israel to be picked on but saying it’s more interesting to discuss equity

• Lola, a Jewish committee member, sides with the Zionist imperialism talk, citing that it is a microcosm of the world

o “side-stepping this topic because we are afraid of offending a few people is wrong”

• The vote goes with Zionist Imperialim

• *break*

• Judith has been experiencing Anti-Israelism and longs for going back in 147 days

• Bobby comes over to see Judith and goes off about the left

o They talk and then have sex