Simple Summaries

Break, Break, Break

Felicia Nimue Ackerman

Simple Summary by Sarah Frank

·      Guy is a professor who loves to teach and research

·      A student of his has a brother that works for Newsweek and wanted some campus drama to write about

·      Feminist students turned in “paint-by-numbers papers”

·      Dean says: “I know what you thought about those papers. The whole country knows.”

·      The professor says the Left is the oppressor and that moral courage is wearing a “Stop Abortion” pin to a university interview

·      Professor says “When people start hunting for dirt, they’re bound to find it.”

·      Dean says he also has been reusing lectures for a decade and leaving “sketchy comments” on papers

·      Dean also says minority students complained he was “insensitive to their point of view”

o  Professor Stephen says he treats everyone the same

§ “Since when does saying that something should be done without regard to race make you a racist?”

·      Professor Stephen reminds her that he has tenure

o  The dean says they will offer him the same pension and terms but Stephen just wants the job

·      Dean says faculty needs to be reduced by 10% so they are having the old people do early retirement

·      Professor Stephen feels like he is dying via heart attack (did he?)