Simple Summaries

As You Like It

William Shakespeare

Simple Summary by Sarah Frank

-           Oliver and Orlando are brothers (older and younger respectively)

o   Siblingfeud but make it way worse

o   Oliverdoesn’t help Orlando get any education or training

-           Charles is a wrestler; Orlando challenges Charles

o   Charles is like “shoot. Oliver? Hello? What do I do?”

o   Oliver is like “Orlando sucks, I hate my brother, just beat him up.”

o   Charles says “okay bet”

o   Oliver is like “slay”

-           Duke Senior and Duke Frederick are another pair of brothers

o   Senior has a daughter named Rosalind

o   Frederick has a daughter named Celia

o   Duke Frederick overthrew Senior, who lives in the forest now

§  Their daughters are besties though so they stay together in the kingdom

-           Orlando actually beats Charles which is wild

o   Rosalind falls in love with him and tells only Celia because that is what besties are for

-           Oliver is over it and wants to kill Orlando

-           Orlando’s right-hand Adam gives him a heads up so Orlando does what all sensible men do and run into the forest where he writes poems on trees

-           Duke Frederick is also like “nah get this niece of mine outta here” and banishes her so she does what all sensible women to and goes to the forest

o   Celia goes with her though

-           Rosalind and Celia disguise themselves as men

o   Rosalind= Ganymede

o   Celia= Aliena

-           Duke Frederick is like “I know I threw my daughter’s best friend and my only niece out of the castle but I am so angry my daughter is gone too”

o   Then he realizes Orlando is gone too, thinks it is too much of a coincidence, and gets Oliver to go find and kill Orlando

o   Also wants his brother (Senior) dead so it is very convenient they are both in the forest

-           Orlando somehow stumbles upon Duke Senior’s Robin Hood life and demands food

o   Duke Senior is surprisingly nice about it

-           Rosalind and Celia buy a cottage in the woods for some reason

o   They also meet a shepherd named Silvius who wants a woman named Phoebe and tbh I don’t really get their relevance

-           Orlando runs into them because I guess this is a small forest

o   He thinks Rosalind is a man and confides that he is lovesick

o   Rosalind is like “ah lovesickness is an illness and I can cure it”

o   Orlando agrees

o   Rosalind says to pretend she is Rosalind and to come woo her every day

-           Silvius the shepherd man is still getting rejected by Phoebe, who then falls in love with the man-woman Ganymede-Rosalind (lol)

-           Orlando doesn’t show up to the love lesson thing and Rosalind panics

-           Oliver is like "LOL he got bit by a lion"

o   Celia is like “who is this hottie delivering this terrible news? I think I’m in love”

o   They agree to marry

-           Phoebe still wants man-woman Ganymede-Rosalind

-           Orlando is tired of pretending Ganymede is Rosalind even though it’s true

-           Rosalind promises that Ganymede will wed Phoebe if Ganymede will ever marry a woman (which Ganymede won’t because she is not Ganymede)

-           Hymen marries the couples:

o   Rosalind and Orlando

o   Celia and Oliver

o   Phoebe and Silvius

o   These other randoms named Audrey and Touchstone

-           Duke Frederick has some sort of religious awakening and stops trying to kill his brother and even gives him back the throne